April 14, 2021
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Updates on destruction by heavy rains in Chin State

Destruction by heavy rains causing flooding and landslides in Chin State

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21 August 2016 — Landslides caused by heavy rains last night destroyed a house in Fungkah village, Thantlang township, killing a 5-year-old girl identified as Esther.

According to local sources, there were four family members including Esther’s mother, brother and sister when their house was swept away in the morning before dawn. Her elder sister, Emily, is reported injured but in good condition. Esther’s father is currently in Malaysia.

Another house in the neighborhood was also affected but no one was injured.

19 August 2016 — Heavy landslides took place near Laitui village, Tedim township early this morning, putting the village at high risk of collapse. Villagers said that their hillside farm where crops including maize and vetegables are planted was swept away and that the Tedim-Rihkhuadar road leading to the village was also destroyed.

There are about 800 households with nearly 5,000 people in the village situated on the Tedim-Rihkhuadar road. (Photo: Sumpi/Phualva Lungtuak Media/Facebook)

15 August 2016 — Heavy rains last night caused water levels of two rivers to rise in Paletwa township, sweeping away 26 houses and displacing 130 residents (65 males and 65 females) in Mareih Vum village.

The damage includes 10 acres of paddy field. No casualties have been reported.

03 August 2016 — The body of a woman killed after her house had been taken away at night on Monday by flash floods was found yesterday.

The incident took place on the Hakha-Gangaw road in a village called Tinam, about 36 miles from Hakha town, around 11pm. The woman was later identified as Fom Hliang, 70, who slept downstairs in a two-storey house which was swept away by the flood.

Four members of her family are currently staying with relatives in the village and families of three houses nearby have been evacuated, according to the Ministry of Information. (Photo: MOI/Facebook)

Travellers are stranded as this has destroyed the main road.

In Hakha, at least three houses, newly constructed in the new relocation site of Nahau hill, are now in danger of collapse as recent heavy rains have made the ground unstable, enhancing the potential for landslides.

Families have been forced to evacuate their houses. New roads built last year under the supervision of the State government have also been heavily affected. (Photo: The Chinland Post)

02 August 2016 — Continuous heavy rains caused mudslides in Tinam village, Hakha Township, killing at least one person identified as an elderly woman and affecting houses.

A rise of water in Tapyin river in Tapyin village, Magwe Region has left passengers going towards Mindat and Matupi towns of Chin State stranded on the road today. (Photo: Chin World Media)

12:15 PM — A rise of water level in nearby river has forced families to be evacuated from eight houses in Khaikam, Tedim Township. The victims are currently staying at neighbours’ houses. The Chin Natural Resources Watch Group said that the houses had been eroded away. (Photo: CNRWG/Facebook)

01 August 2016 — The only bridge connecting between the northern two towns of Tedim and Tonzang in Chin State was destroyed by flooding caused by recent heavy rains.

The Vialcian bridge was torn apart yesterday, according to the Tedim Post. (Photo: The Tedim Post)

Landslides destroyed roads near Theizang village, Tedim Township. (Photo: Sayama Cingpat/Tedim Times)

As of today, the main road between Tedim and Kalay, Sagaing Region has not been accessible after being affected by landslides. (Photo: thangnenmung/The Tedim Post)

Flooding also destroyed paddy fields in Thantlang township.

31 July 2016 — Health staff members struggled to deliver basic medical supplies to villages in Tedim Township as landslides swept away a footpath to Kahngen village. (Photo: April Mungno)

30 July 2016 — About 15 acres of crops including corn belonging to 20 familes were heavily affected by strong winds and rains in Saizang village, Tedim Township. (Photo: The Tedim Post)

28 July 2016 — Flash floods triggered by heavy rains today swept away a wooden bridge mainly used by students of the Basic Education High School No. 1 in Hakha, Chin State.

The destruction will mostly affect students in Chin Oo Si block as they will now have to avoid their usual road and to find another route, according to the Chinland Post, a local newsletter.

Photo: The Chinland Post

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