April 13, 2021
Chin News

Falam receives increased hours of electricity

13 January 2016 — The authorities in Chin State yesterday opened a new hydro-electric plant in Vaar village near Falam town only to make an increase in hours of power supply.

The power produced by water from Vaar river generates 500 kilowatts, which will provide electricity for residents in Falam and at least four nearby villages.

Salai Sum, a Falam resident, said: “We had electricity for a few hours once in three days before. Now, we are getting it every other day. But it is irregular and we are not sure about how many hours we will get.”

Cin Lian Pau, Minister for Electric and Industry, Nang Za Hmung, Minister for Finance and Revenue, and other government officials attended the opening event with more than 100 participants.

According to the State government, more than 440 out of 1504 villages in Chin State have electricity – with the majority being run by local communities.#

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