April 11, 2021
Chin News

Flash floods sweep away paddies in Thantlang township

01 August 2016 — Flash floods caused by heavy rains last week destroyed paddy fields belonging to villagers of Tlangrua A and B in Thantlang township, Chin State.

Sang Hre Lian, a Christian pastor in Thantlang, said that nearly the entire paddy fields of the villages had been damaged and that the flooding also destroyed some of Kuhchah, another village.

He said that the total area of the destruction was estimated to be about 33.83 acres, which included some being covered in mud and beds of rice seedlings were gone.

A bridge, accessible by car, at La-aw river near Tlangrua villages was taken away by the flood, according to the pastor.

Last Saturday, three days after the devastation, State Attorney-General Sunny Thang Cung, Township Administration Officer Khin Min and officials from Township Agriculture Department visited the scene.

They met with local residents although detailed information about what were discussed still remains unknown.

Meanwhile, destruction of roads between Hakha and Gangaw and other parts of Chin State has been reported.#

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