April 14, 2021
Chin News

Monk teaches Buddhism to school students in Falam

18 February 2015 — A Buddhist monk gave a two-day lecture on Buddhism to children at the No. 1 Basic Education High School in Falam last weekend.

The monk, of the ‘Arr-sing-nar-yar-ma’ Foundation in Monywa, talked to school children, mostly primary students, on 14 and 15 February in the training entitled ‘Ceremony of Uniform Donation by Arr-sing-nar-yar-ma Foundation and Civility Training’.

It is not known as to how the training was organized at a Falam high school and how permission was obtained.

Comments on Facebook argued that teaching religious lessons to children at school is not legal.

The training was organized as part of a programme called ‘Chin Hill Mission’ by Monya-based Buddhist organization.

According to the Chin Human Rights Organization, Buddhist monks were sent by Burma’s military junta to various parts of Chin State in the name of ‘Hill Regions Buddhist Mission’ and have been in the Christian State for years.#

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