April 13, 2021
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Govt promise to support disabled people in Chin State

25 March 2015 — Dr. Ba Maung, State minister of Social Affairs, said that the government pledged their support for the development of disabled people in the country.

Speaking at the training jointly organized in Hakha by the Department of Social Welfare and the Eden Centre for Disabled Children, the Chin minister said the new administration had put effort into improving the lives of persons with disabilities.

“We will continue to work and provide necessary assistance in finding ways for them to be equally accepted in the community,” he added.

The two-day training held last Tuesday and Wednesday was aimed at increasing public awareness of persons with disabilities, and protecting their rights and dignity.

According to the Chinland Post, the event was held in the capital of Chin State as part of the government’s program to organize training on disabilities across the country.

Dr. Ba Maung indicated that the country would make good progress only if we could promote and ensure the full enjoyment of human rights by persons with disabilities.

Pastor Cung, a disabled leading member of the Disabled Children Development Programme in Kalay of Sagaing Region, said that children with disabilities struggled to get access to public schools.

The Chin pastor also highlighted that disabled children still faced discrimination in communities mainly because of lack of public awareness and the fact that they were not yet viewed as a full member of the society.

“We can clearly see that the government has not done enough to help people fully understand persons with disabilities. For instance, we don’t have toilets or access ramps for the disabled.”

Burma ratified the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, an international human rights treaty of the United Nations, on 7 December 2011.#

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