April 14, 2021

Oh! My Little Country

Oh! My Little Country

By Salai Bawi Uk Thang
Chinland Guardian
26 September 2007

What happens to you again?
My Little country
Going to have a blood-bath?
Oh No! Please look up and have a second thought.

What are the Monks doing there?
My Little country
So unusual for them to take the street
Surely they are trying to cover the plights of the people with their alms.

What a heartbreaking news to all of us
My Little country
Our only unifying figure (DASSK) has sunk again
Whom we adore as a symbol of living martyr.

What can I do for you?
My Little country
My heart broke as I heard news of using forces
Come and sing along the songs of Lamentation with me.

Oh! My Little country
Give hopes and courage to those in jails
Those selfless sacrifices and lives of the unsung heroes
One day we shall herald them out loud.

Oh! My dear Little country
The growing sentiment with brewing anger
Erupted now as a volcano does
But this time I have a dream
With a promise to pray for the lives and the souls of our people.

[This poem is dedicated to all the people who painfully share the news of military crackdown on the ongoing unrest in my Little country Burma.]

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