April 14, 2021

A Traumatised Child

By Van Biak Thang


Chinland Guardian

April 14, 2006


In the middle of the night

A three-year old child in ugly fright

Out of its bed, screams once then sobs

Rushing to its parents as if be no stops;

“I dream of you being taken and beaten,”

Says it out of breath, stricken and shaken,

“And myself being left alone in the dark.”


In the middle of the day

A three-year old child, injured in this play

From what it’s seen, runs for woods and rice

Without telling its parents but in a trice;

“What are these for?” asks its surprised mother

Grim and worried, “For soldiers! They are here!”

Says it in a hurry as if trying to save the ark.


In the middle of the game

A three-year old child, shamed and tame

Out of faith, nods twice then agrees

With downward its eyes, to all decrees

As forced and ruled only to obey always

“I am afraid,” to its father’s why, it says

Since orders and powers sway and bark.



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