April 20, 2021

Victory with Identity

By: Midnight

One of my friends, I met one morning
After a very long time had made us apart.
Firmly his hands shake mine, his face smiling;
Surprise and joy superposed; no words I could start.

Recalled were the old days we spent together;
When he was the most handsome among my friends.
Now his eyes … sunken, his skin also … much darker;
It’s sure he was now with some invisible pains.

Beyond my expectation was his sudden arrival;
Taking out of his bag, something he gave me.
That was nothing other than the “Chin National Journal”;
Which seemed to have appeared with unmeasurable difficulty.

The book he gave me was actually made of paper;
But for my hands, it seemed to be made of iron.
The cause of the heaviness of the book was because of it’s cover;
One thousand words may not equal its illustration.

Alas! A dove pierced through by a dagger;
Is not the universal symbol of peace ‘dove’?
Who dare harm this beautiful, innocent creature?
Surely the arms could by no means come from ‘love’.

Once more I looked at the bird, which was with strife;
It was still able to struggle, raising its head.
Through the arms with its utmost capability, tried to take its life;
Thank God! The creature is still alive, not yet dead.

Do you say “How can I do for my land at the time like now?”
If you say so, know that you are dead, or you are a slave.
Victory is never of powers and arms, why not you know?
Is it not “now,” the best time to everyone God gave?

Oh! My compatriot-Chins! Are you still idly sitting?
Why not save the life of this pitiable creature?
Why not fight for your land, which is under a deadly sting?
Why not start your national duty now with pleasure?

Change is the process of this world and of nature
Are you changed by somebody else other than “you”?
Unfortunately negative change is today’s Chinland’s feature
Oh! Brothers! Let’s with international outlook fight against this foe.

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