April 11, 2021

Waiting for the New Sun

By Van Biak Thang

And I have so to run away,
Away beyond hills and valleys,
Across rivers and mountains,
All alone towards the unknown.

Family and loved ones behind,
Farther away from kith and kin,
Absconding from the Chin land,
Fatherland and motherland.

Time decided to say goodbye,
Farewell to the breeze and scene:
Panorama unforgettable
From the summit where the sun sets.

When on the verge of the border
Sobs by my little ones haunt me.
Oh! Faces striped with teardrops
And dreary eyes and hearts in tears.

Whilst in search of safety for life
Worry – who will feed hungry pets
Amongst storms and tornadoes
Awakens my drowsy gooseflesh.

A pigeon may not welcome a dove
For shelter during the rain;
But it may keep its door ajar.
Then where is what I am after?

So many sleepless nights have passed
Away with the setting sun;
The world is still spinning unchanged.
The wind blowing is still the same.

Living under the time unsure
Whether to live or to die,
I am waiting for the new sun
When a free trumpet can be blown.


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