April 11, 2021

Our Heart Is There But There

By Van Biak Thang

We know that we were born pure and free
And that we have our own country
Where we have our own duty
And where we value our own liberty.

We know that we have come afar
Just to save our lives from invaders;
We are not those diamond miners
As we do have our own water.

Do you think we are happy here?
“No, no, no” is my simple answer.
We left our brothers and sisters there
For whom we are to bring the future.

We know that we have our own soil there
Where we have had our own ledgers;
We won’t bow our heads to any colours
As we have our own national banner.

We know that we are just strangers here
Because we remember our ancestors;
We don’t come here to be settlers
As we owe our lives to our land there.

We know that we don’t belong here;
We just come only for a shelter;
We won’t be here forever
Cos’ our heart is there but there.

(NB: this poem is dedicated to Chin fellows abroad who face much trouble in search of safety and refuge)

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