April 11, 2021

Chin National Day

By Van Biak Thang

Let’s celebrate the day traditionally:
The day of truth, unity and assembly.
Hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder,
Children, women and men altogether,
Celebrate the day, so bright and clear.
Open your heart, your arms and your decanter,
To the land where we are bound together;
Let the sun and the rain stop you never.
O Come, you all, to the football ground!
Celebrate the day here and all around.

Dress and drape around in national costumes,
Delight in a circular dance by holding arms,
Zupu in the middle which breeds equality,
And exchange verses in air of tranquillity;
O Celebrate the day to its highest glory!

Hit the horns of mithan and strike the gongs,
Blow the trumpet and sing the songs,
To the ping-ping rhythm of the drums,
And start dancing all our national laams;
Celebrate the day in its deepest chimes.

Children, rejoice and have your time to gambol;
For men of strength and skills, blow the whistle,
And open the wrestling ground floored with chaff;
Women, let the vicinity be filled with claps.
Celebrate the day on and over the knaps.

Let’s celebrate our day traditionally.
O you all, come and enjoy its liberty!
Share the table of oneness in diversity,
And make its engraved history eternal.
Celebrate the day, uniquely national.




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