April 13, 2021

Chinland In December

Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian

December 1, 2006

There are scenic views of the countryside:
Patches of cherry blooms o’er the hillside
And wintry leaves trembling in the cold breeze
Like rivers bubbling along the valleys;
A gossamered sketch of mist on display
Like a charming rainbow in the spray;
A waking dawn peeps through the hilltops,
That opens those drowsy eyes of dewdrops,
And glitters on leaves and grasses reflect.
What a land in December, O perfect!
Children do dance and sing to the clear sky
Where a lone moon is listening up high
And winking, blinking, twinkling stars, so bright,
Under a quiet, calming moonlit night;
The sound of breezy, whispering leaves at night
Wafts to the village melodies all right,
Coupled with a serenade, so groovy,
Just like a lullaby to those sleepy;
Then comes to fend the land the morning star.
What a peaceful Chinland in December!











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