April 12, 2021

I Want to Go Home

08 April 2012 ¦ C. Van Lian Tu

I well remembered the night, violent but silent
It was dark and even the dogs dared not bark
Only my family and buddies shared the daunting chill
Of that instant I left my motherland against my own will!

I sat on the hilltop though my heartbeats didn’t stop
It was cold but the heated feelings inside stood bold
Only the blood and the flesh seemed to know the reality
Of what had happened in Chinland and O, her liberty!

I stared at the unlit houses as the night birds sang
It was faraway but my love and loyalty didn’t go astray
Only women and children guarded the wooden gate
Of a helpless Chin village against the invading brigade!

I turned grey as I prayed and struggled for the new sun
It was, aha, o’er twenty years since a drop of my first tears
Only now a ray of hope dimly shines upon the lonely hills
Of a land stripped of her peace and freedom today till

I want to go home now, I want to go home now!
It’s the land of my ancestors and where I belong
Only you and I can heal the ill, the wound and the pain
Of Chinland enslaved long under the hands of many a villain

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