April 20, 2021

An Unsent Postcard From Chinland

Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian
19 June 2007

A postcard clad in messages and wishes
Well patterned like hand-woven Chin dresses
For the birthday of Aung San Suu Kyi
Who’s for the truth held in custody

The postcard wearing a bunch of orchids –
A flower of perfection and merits
For the one whose love bears no borders
And again whose smiles fear no armours

The postcard remains unsent and hidden
For no postman be allowed or in taken
Though stands the Post Office as usual
There’s no service actual but virtual

The postcard written and signed in Chinland
Though not dispatched by the Junta’s hand
Like a Chinnish breeze in our hearts whispers
That the joy and hope today never withers

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