April 12, 2021

My Secret Spy, I

Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian
14 July 2007

I was born and brought up free
Under not a king nor a colony
I fought against the expansionism
To safeguard our pure patriotism
I signed the treaty at Panglong
As one nation others with along
I had a dream for liberty –
The world of life, fair and free
I was happy that I glimpsed through
A moment my dream once came true

I didn’t expect this sure happened:
A conspiracy that made the smiles end
I shed tears for it till this very day
Whenever it came to Martyr’s Day;
I raised a question “Why and Why”
Instead, it made a baby cry and cry.
I wiped my tears and looked up high,
What I could see was but a murky sky;
I then realised my dream got spoiled
Soon then came tyranny that us boiled

I was caged and kept in the fence
Soon after the independence
I saw many a leader and writer
Shot to death and taken in thither
I heard children cry and women sigh
Out of grief and pains, so loud and high
I felt the heat and smelt the air
“Which ethnic village is burnt with no care?”
I could neither write nor express
Since down closed was the press

I rubbed and rubbed my own eyes
As if I were picking up some tiny lice
I and my mind could believe no more
When universities were shut in gore
I said, “A country without education?”
To the worse, more schools in termination
I was toppled, banished and buried nowhere
That the regime could spare their greedy chair
I came across and saw all these, real and clear
But have spoken to my secret spy, I, never

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