April 18, 2021

Share The Joy Of Christmas

By Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian
03 December 2008

Born in a manger as prophesied was the baby
As the houses were full and the people busy
Wrapped up in white clothes and laid on hays
The boy did not cry but smiled like a beam of rays

Angels played music and sang choirs in the sky
Shepherds stayed awake and looked up on high
The star guided the Magi – the three wise men
Who from far away brought their gifts – Amen!

King Herod, worried and shaken by the news,
A Satanic order sent to a newborn King of the Jews
In fears of losing power, his throne and realm
Mary and Joseph had to run away from Bethlehem

Let’s celebrate the day of joy called Christmas –
The day that God gave His begotten son to us
That we be saved and redeemed to live in peace
Where we share the joy and care for children His

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