April 11, 2021

Orders In The Air, Powers On The Chair

By Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian

Families torn apart, houses burnt to dust,
Parents cuffed away, children left astray,
Leaders imprisoned, pastors forbidden,
Farmers banned to work. O! Puppies freed to bark.

So many girls raped, so many boys slapped,
Infants so frightened, grandmas so saddened,
Chicken shot for food, goods taken as loot,
Piglets killed for fun, places full of guns.

Churches are padlocked, tea-shops are eavesdropped,
Go-downs are emptied, kitchens are dirtied,
Candles are put out, voices be not out,
No one can go out! Only can bats shout.

Curfews start at dusk, people dare not ask,
Windows are blinded, all doors are bolted,
Alleys are all blocked, wickets are all knocked,
People hold their hands, praying for their land.

The towns in danger, people in hunger,
Headmen in the plight, soldiers in delight,
People still extend, soldiers still demand,
People still suffer, soldiers still roister.

No more serenades, no more social nights,
Tears and fears around, sweat and blood on ground,
A nation ripped off, society rubbed off,
Orders in the air, powers on the chair.


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