April 13, 2021

Saffron Revolution

By Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian
20 September 2008

A volcanic rupture of the peoples’ desire
Extruding from Burma’s deeply rooted magma
Monk-led eruption with ash cloud of vision
For a country poisoned and sundered by SPDC

The lava of people, peaceful and harmless, flows
Along the conduits throughout the country
Layers of monks, civilians and students
Flanked and united for freedom and liberty

A barbaric junta of Ne Win, the late sire
Shooting to kill its innocent citizens, ala!
Military-led coup with some well-fed captains
For their own greed against the peoples’ need

Sweat in the heat and blood on the streets
With litters, odd flip-flops and dead bodies
Those grim days of 2007 in September’s rain
When the SPDC’s soldiers cracked the mantle

The vents and craters left on Burma’s crust
No more hidden from the world’s eyes at last
Maroon-robed monks convected the hotspot yet
From a vitiated Burma to be healed and set

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