April 18, 2021

A Letter to My Mother

By Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian

Mom, your love is like a river
Down the hills it flows always
And so wide as the Milky Way
It only starts but ends never.

Those quiet nights I remember
The legends told by my grandpa
Chur , afar in the fields of Burma
Back he came fast for his mother

Aha! And Zubui the Hamster
For disobedience to its mother
Down it fell and alas, off the road
Words of mother, my sharpest sword

A love given so pure and humane
Your love is but a one-way lane
Nothing to receive but only to give
It is always beyond what I can believe.

Tears of joy flows as gratitude grows
Today my deep thanks I say to you
And pray to God for giving us shadows
Your love to me is my life, ka nu .

1 Chur from a tale of Chur, a man who is said to have flattened hills and mountains in Kawlrawn (meaning fields of Burma), at last came back home only when he was told that his mother was seriously ill.
2 People in ancient times didn’t use, perhaps they didn’t know, the word Burma.
Instead, Kawlram, which is in Hakha-Chin, was and is used. Some sources said
that the word Vairam can be used interchangeably.
3 Ka nu means ‘my mother’ in Hakha-Chin.

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