April 13, 2021

The Reality of Saffron Revolution

By Salai Eagle

Chinland Guardian
30 September 2008

It was,
The cry of millions and
Unforgettable episode of the History.
Is it the instigation of victory?
Not a dream, but a reality.
Seeing is believing.
The march of monks and the mass,
Reality of the rights is revealed under the lord of death.
Offering and risking the precious lives.
Today is always the best day.
Burma is the Golden land, not the battlefield.
That is a glimpse of their furtive acts.
Will blood drops, tear and sweat be vain?
Covering the truth shall destroy men?
Junta’s snaky dance,
Brutal chances and rural dance are not the same.
Deed shall be judged but not belief.

[Note: With this poem, I heartedly honour the martyrs who graciously gave their own lives during the Saffron Revolution in September 2007.]

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