April 14, 2021

Tears of The Unreached Chins

Tears of The Unreached Chins

Van Biak Thang
Chinland Guardian
05 April, 2009

A mother lies awake in the night, tired and worried
In a rat-ridden bamboo jungle, deserted and horrid
With her children in her arms, weak and hungry
Tears run down her careworn cheeks, haggard and lonely

A father wends his way up and down the steep hills
In a famine-ravaged jungle for edible roots and tendrils
With an echo of his children’s voices in pain and hunger
Tears fill up his sunken eyes as yams suffice no longer

Parents, afraid of the next dawn, hold hands and pray
In the unreached jungle where rats and soldiers slay
For they can’t bear hearing and seeing their children cry
Silent tears flow into emptiness, so helpless and dry

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