April 11, 2021

Waiting for You All the Time

17 May 2011¦By Robert Ngun Sang

So many times I cry hopelessly
Without making any sound
And still silent, I’m sitting helplessly
Watching and waiting for you
In full hope of your rescue.

If you are far away from me,
I am good for nothing at all
And life seems to stop for me
Without you, there’s no peace
There is no hope, and no life.

If you are right beside me,
The world is a place full of hope
And my future becomes perfect
As on your shoulders I’m strong
Then all my worries fade out.

Sometimes in my dream at night
You come and hold me up tight
But when I am awake, I only know
That I see myself left in sadness
I wish that it would become a reality.

I have a dream and faith
That you’ll come to me someday
And I’ll live in your bosom forever
So I wait for you all the time
Cause you are all I need in life.

[This verse is composed by a Chin refugee in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.]

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