April 12, 2021

A Cry From Burma

A Cry From Burma

Van Biak Thang
Chinland Guardian
03 October 2007

How much more innocent blood ought to be shed
And how many more civilians need be shredded
That Burma’s protracted power-cancered crisis
Be recognised, accepted and heard as a deadly virus

Thousands are internally displaced and preyed on
And ethnic nationalities oppressed and forgotten
Whose villages and houses, bulldozed and burnt down
Yet their plights in the jungles ignored and unknown

Millions hide and flee their homelands as refugees
While the junta shows off honeys and stings like bees
Many more remain enslaved and imprisoned inside
Which the regime calls “Peace and Development” outside

China, Russia and South Africa vetoed the agenda
Albeit their knowledge of contagious blights in Burma
Where India came to play a single-strung guitar
To which the military sings their viperous choir

How many more prisoners of conscience be tortured
And how many more children be left unnurtured
That a cry from Burma under the junta, so ruthless
Be heard and recognised as forlorn and powerless


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