April 11, 2021

My Little Message

By Bilkis Abdullah

29 May, 2009

You have a wonderful life,
And so does your wife,
But have you ever looked back,
To see what the people in your country lack?
You treat us like we don’t exist,
You beat us up whenever we resist,
It has been too long that we have kept strong,
But what you’re doing is extremely wrong,
You do everything to make us fear,
And what you leave behind is the unstoppable tear,
You have locked our true leader up in the cell,
Do you know that you’re ending up in hell?
You can’t do anything except for keeping her in for longer,
But do you realise that the supporters are becoming stronger and stronger?
You’re not even voted to be what you are,
And what you’re doing is going too far,
Don’t get too happy that you can rule,
Because we’re not the ones that you can fool,
We will keep on going and get back our right,
And I’m sure we will definitely win this fight!

[CG Note: This poem was read in front of Burmese Embassy in London on 27 May 2009 at a demonstration marking the 19th anniversary of Burma’s 1990 election and commemorating what is now known as ‘The Depayin Massacre’.]


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