April 14, 2021

Life of A Prisoner

Life of A Prisoner

The sun rises and sets but I am unaware of that.
A day is like a mile and a week is like a year.
My night shines not moon and stars like yours.
Torture is my food and abuse is my sleep.

Whenever I hear the steps of guards,
I feel restless and eager to hear news of my dears
But I wish not to hear any word from the oppressors.

I was informed that my baby was born;
I wonder how you look beautiful and pretty;
I am desperate to hear your cry from the cradle,
And my mind and heart sticks on my ears,
As my eyes are filled up with tears.
I understand your pains that no one hears your wails.
Pains of longing so deep, between us stand immense veils.

My bloods kiss my skin from head to toe.
As my tattered garment needs not to sew,
I complete my bloody bath in tears.
Our blood not only deserves our nerves
It runs every lane and vain along the way we passed
The ones who follow our path will wonder how much we’ve suffered
Thousands of mothers yearn for their love ones,
Whose cries from prison and grave hears no one.

Between us, there are huge walls and sharp wires
But I feel that you and I are near.
O dear, your warmth will never disappear.
Sorrows are leaping from the fathoms of my heart.
Just tell me how to explain my restless heart.
Oh my prettiest lover, my wounds need your arms,
As I am craving for, but I have to lean only on the bars.

Oh my dear, forget me not if my soul left asunder.
Death will absorb the souls but my goals will live forever.
I will live in our slogan of freedom forever.

By Kyaw Win [BMA-UK]
19 May 2010

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