April 13, 2021

O Land of Beauty (Chinland)

Van Biak Thang

Chinland Guardian
01 November 2007

O Land of beauty, nature as her artist,
Fortified by deep valleys and steep mountains,
Embroidered by rosebays and orchids in the mist,
What on earth dare compare her charm and appearance!

O Land of nation, hornbill as her emblem,
Men in unity and women in purity,
Uplifted by singing her national anthem
What on earth dare challenge her arms and loyalty!

O Land of amity, friendship as her mores, too
Where men of accents share the same brotherhood,
Honoured by drinking her long-fermented zupu*
What on earth dare divide her love and attitude!

O Land of virtue, morals as her title,
Purified by equality and justice
Affluent in mentality and mettle
What on earth dare beguile her faith and prudence!

[* Zupu = a traditional wine fermented for years which is offered to a special guest and on special occasions.]

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