April 20, 2021

I Miss You, Mom

10 January 2012 ¦ Robert Ngun Sang

How are you, Mom? I miss you very much
Screaming and calling your name each night,
I think of you and long for your kindest hug
My tears make pillows all wet and so heavy
And cannot cease falling down on my face

I know you’re crying in the midnight like me
And wonder if you can sleep or eat as well
I know you can’t stop missing me even a day
I know you cannot help worrying about me
And in your head is all fond memories of me

Walking all the way alone, life is so isolated
I am exhausted, and it’s so hard to take breath
Lying on bed in fear, so afraid even to sleep
I have to run and I have to crawl for safety
But still no refuge I can find in all the world

Without you, my life is lost to proceed over
Nobody takes care of me much as you do
Nobody loves me much as you always do
No place is safe, no place is sweet like home
There’s no peace, no safety and no happiness

Apart from you, there is nothing better at all
Your love  is the sweetest, and the greatest
Under your bosom is the warmest and safest
And no other voice is more tender than yours
Oh, Mom! I love you and miss you so much…

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