April 13, 2021

Chin Peace Deal: A Trap or A Clap

29 March 2012 ¦ C. Van Lian Tu

Windy, chilly and noisy on Hakha’s Bogyoke Street
Yet Chin locals, young and old, stood in line to greet
Some clapped in delight while others screamed in awe
As their ‘heroes’ strolled between the parallel rows

Clad in traditional dresses as a sign of respect and rejoice
Not being ordered nor forced but by their own choice
Men and women sang vawr hla*, and pastors in prayers
As children and youths flew their proud ‘peace’ banners

Twenty-three-odd years of stagnant tears flow
As a mother, now wrinkled and fragile, dimly saw
Her long-lost son among well-wishers come and walk
They hugged tight and sobbed but could not talk

For decades has Chin State been under the regime
Enough have the people suffered from an evil scheme
In a land ungoverned and free before the colony
The Chin people embrace peace and tranquility

Government and CNF reached a January ceasefire
Welcomed with cultural dances over the bonfire
As yet the moon counts the nights and the sun days
So do the Chins in their own native place…

*Vawr hla = An age-old Chin traditional song sung in the time of victory, triumph and celebration.

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