April 18, 2021

Tears of Paletwa

(Photo: CHRO)

C. Van Lian Tu
14 November 2020

Thousands flee their homes and families
Away from loved ones and communities;
Mothers carry babies piggyback across hills
While the elderly puff and pant as they trail.

Ah, they run away not from floods or famine;
This time, neither Tatmadaw nor COVID-19,
But from cruel and inhumane acts of Double A,
Unwelcome strangers and brutal games they play.

Leaders targeted as villagers threatened and killed,
Communities left in fear and mountains being sealed,
Paths and trails blocked as hungry children cry for food;
Women traumatized and distressed though still shrewd.

The natives suffer because of the ruthless intruders;
Nation shattered because of the immoral invaders.
Families torn apart and villages abandoned
As those gunners patrol as if on their own land.#

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