April 11, 2021

Voice of A Barren Land (Chinland)

17 July 2012 ¦ Salai Zovailang Awi

The land was fragrant and fertile
But now it is forlorn and futile
The land was full of fame and flame
But now it is full of famine and blame

The land groans in fear and despair
And mourns in tears for its lost care
The land seeks a heart, strong and active
In desperate need of a hand, thus liberative

The land summons a patriotic leader
And yet challenges to confront the viper
The voice roars in the sky like a thunder
It still awaits the lights of a youngster

The land was full of calmness and happiness
But now it is full of helplessness and hopelessness
The land was known as a golden land
But now it is known as a barren land

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