April 18, 2021
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Chin committee in Kalay to apply for official registration

14 August 2016 — Chin committee based in Kalay town of Sagaing Region are putting more effort into seeking official recognition as an organization representing their communities.

The Chin Culture and Literature Committee, which was locally formed over five years ago under the previous government, said that they would like to obtain legal status from the current government.

In a meeting held on Friday at the Kalay Youth Center where 73 Chin representatives of the Region attended, they made their commitment to protecting and promoting Chin culture and literature in line with policies of the National League for Democracy.

However, the meeting came to an agreement that new committee members would be elected in the near future and other requirements for obtaining the official registration would be prepared in order to move forward in a more systematic manner.

According to the Chin World Media, the newly elected minister of Chin ethnic affairs, Lal Thawm Thang, would participate in the event.

Lal Thawm Thang told the Chinland Guardian while attending the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in Rangoon on Tuesday that it was time all the Chin came together, leaving parochialism behind, to find a common platform for future long-term development.

Under the successive dictatorships for decades, the ethnic Chin were not allowed publication in local dialects, which has been seen as one of the major threats to the annihilation of their cultural values and hence their unique identity.

The NLD’s education policy puts stress on the importance of supports for the use of mother-tongue-based teaching and curricular development in schools in ethnic areas.#

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