April 12, 2021
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Construction companies blamed for road problems in Chin State

16 August 2016 — Private companies contracted by the State authorities of Thein Sein’s government for road construction in Chin State get the blame for chaos caused on the roads.

Bus services plying to and from Burma’s western mountainous region criticised the contractors, saying that their work had failed to meet the standards and indicated that the companies should have been disqualified.

They said that the roads were expanded without no roadside ditches to take away water when it rained heavily and that loose soil were just kept on the edge of the road as part of the newly constructed highway.

Salai Biak Cin, owner of the Kalay-Rih bus company, said in the Chin World Media: “When we have rains, water flows along the road. As loose soils on the roads are not cleared properly, they get really muddy. This creates unnecessary problems and delays for us.”

Compared to the succession of military regimes, Thein Sein’s government had put more effort into constructing roads mainly leading to towns in Chin State. However, these had been implemented without a system that ensured quality, accountability and transperancy, according to critics.

U Tin Aung Win, a spokesperson of a construction company, Golden Icon, said in the Chin World Media that they had worked within the limits of time frame and fund.

“The main problem is landslides in the rainy season. But we tried our best to clear the mess as soon as we could if this was in the area of our project. Although we were not able to dig proper ditches, temporary roadside ditches were made,” he said.

Issues related to the need for development of proper roads in Chin State has been raised to relevant authorities in Burma’s governments since 1947 when the Panglong conference was organized in an attempt to gain independence from the British rule.#

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