April 12, 2021
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Hakha blast victim succumbs to injuries

27 November 2015 — Than Er, one of the seven injured victims, died from his injuries at the Hakha General Hospital around 3am this morning.

The 83-year-old was injured in the head and back when the explosion took place at the downstairs flat of the house he lived in Dawrthar block of Hakha on 22 November.

One of Er’s relatives said that the hospital had referred him to a specialist in Mandalay but the Hakha police had not allowed them to take him out of the town.

“We are very sad about it. We would have felt better if we could have been given a chance to travel to Mandalay,” the relative said.

Er, an uncle of the house-owner Jonathan, had been one of the two victims treated in critical condition at the hospital, according to the staff members.

The explosion brought the two-storey house to the ground and damaged others in the neighbourhood, killing six persons.

The police has been investigating the incident with the help of a forensic team from Kalay, Sagaing Region.#

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