April 13, 2021
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CNF requests to re-designate Feb 20 as public holiday

21 February 2014: The Chin National Front (CNF) has asked the Central government of Burma to make the 20th of February a public holiday in Chin State.

Pu Zing Cung, CNF Secretary General, said that it was officially recognized as a public holiday in the past but it had been banned since the military regimes took power.

“It was only in 2013 that we were officially allowed to celebrate Chin National Day following an agreement between CNF and the government. At the 66th anniversary celebration, we would like to request the Union government to recognize Chin National Day as a bank holiday,” added the CNF leader.

Burma’s successive military regimes had banned not only a celebration of Chin National Day but also the use of ‘Chin National Day’ across the country. Instead, the authorities had forced the event, if celebrated, to be called ‘Chin State Day’.

Cung highlighted the fact that Chin leaders and representatives from across the state had come together and voted in favour of a democratic system against a colonial aristocratic hereditary administration at a Falam conference on 20 February 1948.

“They chose freedom. Chin National Day was recognized by Chin leaders and the Chin Affairs Council as a historic day of transforming the old system into a new one through the force of unity,” said Cung, who delivered a speech in the Mindat event.

The Chin public stood united in protest at the rule of hereditary chieftainship under the British colonial administration for reasons including forced labour, slavery, excessive taxes levied upon them, and foreign control.

Yesterday, hundredes attended a grand celebration, organized in Mindat by the Chin State government in partnership with local communities, marking the 66th anniversary of Chin National Day.#

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