April 14, 2021
Chin News

Truck carrying humanitarian aid destroyed in road accident

19 August 2015 — A truck carrying rice bags and other goods donated for landslide-affected victims in Hakha, Chin State skidded and plunged about 300 feet off the road early this morning.

The accident took place on the slippery road near Chawngtlai village in Mizoram State, India, injuring the driver who was later admitted to the Khawzawl hospital and destroying the vehicle.

Salai Dawt, a leading member of the Chin Emergency Relief Committee in Delhi, said: “The vehicle was carrying 250 rice bags and some edible goods from Champhai to Farkawn. Out of the total, 28 bags of rice were ruined.”

The remnants of the donation, given by the CERC, were being taken in a vehicle towards Farkawn village with the help of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) and Mizo Hmeichhia Pawl (MHCP), a women group.

Truck owner Pu Lalchhanmawia said that he would contribute necessary bags of rice for the damage, according to the CERC, a committee formed by Chin refugees stranded in the Indian capital.

“We are grateful to all those helping the driver and his assistant, and sorting out our contributions. These were bought in Aizawl with fund raised by Chin refugees. We hope that the Hakha victims receive them safely,” said Salai Dawt.#

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