April 13, 2021
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Mizo youth group donate rice for Hakha victims

15 August 2015 — The Young Mizo Association, from India, gave 200 rice bags (1 rice bag weighs about 50kg) for landslide-affected victims in Hakha, Chin State.

The Hakha Rescue Committee said that they had received the donation on Wednesday morning.

Chan Hrem, a HRC secretary, said in the Hakha Post: “We are very grateful to the central YMA. The rice is distributed through ward administrators to families who have run out of food.”

As of today, there are 6,051 people of 1,285 families currently taking shelter at seven different camps in Hakha, according to the statistics by the Chin State government.

Landslides had destroyed roads and bridges connecting Hakha with Kalay and Mandalay, Sagaing Region – where basic commodities and goods are imported from.  

The committee said that there were many victims who were not staying at the camps and that families across the town were running out of food owing to road destruction.

The Young Mizo Association, originally called the Young Lushai Association, was established by Welsh Christian Missionaries and pioneer Mizo Christians on 15 June 1935.#

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