April 13, 2021
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Forensic team arrives in Hakha as police investigation continues into Sunday blast

25 November 2015 — The Chin State Police Force said that their investigation into the Sunday explosion in Hakha would continue as they were not yet able to confirm how it had happened and who had been responsible.

Myint Lwin, Head of the Police Force, said that they had got a team of experts from Kalay looking into the incident and that they would come out with a clear result in the near future.

He indicated a possibility that the explosion might be caused by ‘mine bombs’ although they could not make any confirmation.

“It took place inside the house. It was not an attack or an intentional act planned in advance by someone,” Lwin told the Chinland Post.

The fact that the body of Thong Thluai, a businesswoman, had been torn apart and flown away several meters from the house led the police to speculate that she might have stayed close to the explosives.

According to the police, Thluai had just been released on bail from Kalay prison and got back to Hakha on 20 November. She was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison in connection with possession of explosive devices and illegal drugs in January this year.

Hakha Township Police Station Officer Sang Lian said that she had been invited to dinner by Neng Cin’s family and had planned to stay there over night on Sunday, “The incident took place on that night.”

The explosion killed all the family’s members and Thluai, and injured seven, of which five are still at the Hakha Hospital.

The police also said that they were interviewing Jonathan and wife Hniang Hlei Sung, owners of the house, when they had got back to Hakha from their trip to Kalay.

More than 30 houses in the neighbourhood were damaged.#

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