April 12, 2021
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Chin State’s matriculation exam results lowest in Burma

07 June 2015 — The percentage of students passing Grade 10 examination in Chin State stood at the bottom of the nationwide results table in Burma.

Only 17.84 per cent got through the government-supervised exam in the country’s western state while Irrawaddy Region had the highest number with 51.78 per cent.

In Burma’s least developed region, 1,720 out of 9,638 students in total passed the matriculation exam, according to the statistics announced last Saturday by the Examinations Department of the Ministry of Education.

The State remains lowest in the table although this year’s results are an increase on 8.07 per cent in 2014, in which only 704 out of the total 8,721 students passed the exam.

In Chin State, Hakha township has the highest percentage of 25.74, with Tedim 25.02, Falam 22.55, Mindat 22.39, Kanpetlet 20.86, Tonzang 12, Thantlang 8.52, Matupi 7.95 and Paletwa 7.37.

The statistics for the results in the whole country shows that 224,847 out of the total 597,946 passed the exams, making the overall figure 37.60 per cent.#

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