April 14, 2021
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Chin parties to meet with State govt over Gullu nickel projects

04 September 2013: The government of Chin State and representatives of four Chin political parties are to hold a meeting on Gullu nickel projects in Hakha this Saturday.

Members of the Chin National Party (CNP), Chin Progressive Party (CPP), Asho Chin National Party (ACNP) and Ethnic National Development Party (ENDP) will present their findings to the government officials.

Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, CNP General Secretary, said the team would conduct a survey on the ground with local communtinies until Thursday and would have proper discussions with the State government.

He also said a series of discussions would be held with Burma’s Ministry of Mines, Chinese Embassy, and North Mining Company of China in addition to meeting with Chin State government, according to the Hakha Post.

Eleven representatives of the Chin parties, led by Pu Zo Zam, CNP Chairman, makes a trip to Gullu Hill in Tedim Township, Chin State, meeting with the local communities.

Meanwhile, about 100 people from political parties, university students, communities and civil society organizations, and media as well as religious groups held a meeting regarding the Gullu nickel projects at Shin Hong Hall in Kalaymyo of Sagaing Region yesterday.#

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