April 13, 2021
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Kalay-Kabaw Chin to teach dialects during summer holidays

05 January 2015 – Leaders of the Chin cultural and social group in Sagaing Region said that they would put more effort into providing training on dialects to children this year.

More than 70 representatives from Kalay-Kabaw areas agreed during the meeting today that teaching Chin dialects to school children during summer holidays would be expanded.

The decision was part of the plans to promote and protect Chin culture and ethnic identity in a Burman-dominated region bordering Chin State.

A Chin leader based in Kalay town said: “Our children cannot learn their own language at school and it is the only chance we can get for them to learn Chin dialects. We hope this programme is essential and helpful to children.”

The meeting also decided to make a concerted effort to hold important events including Chin National Day and Chin New Year.

Locally known as Chin Funtomnak Bu, the community-based organization was established in 2012.

It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 Chins living across over 28 townships of Sagaing Region.#

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