April 13, 2021

President Thein Sein to be invited to Chin National Day in Hakha

06 January 2015 – Burma’s President Thein Sein will be invited to attend the celebration of Chin National Day this year, according to the meeting of the Chin State government today.

The decision says that the list also includes Union ministers, chief ministers of all states and regions, top military leaders, and the chief minister of India’s Mizoram State.

The event-organizing committee comprising 14 members indicate that the celebration will be arranged on a grand scale in Hakha.  

Former military commander and prime minister of Burma, Thein Sein, 69, is believed to make his second visit on the occassion as the country’s president to Chin State bordering India and Bangladesh.

He was criticized for holding meetings with Chin leaders – the majority being Christian – on Sunday during his first trip in February 2013.  

The president had attended a combined celebration of Kachin State day and Manaw festival in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State on 10 January this year.#

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