April 13, 2021

Burma returns 18 detained Mizos to India

08 June 2015 — The authorities in Burma have sent back 18 people to their native Mizoram State, India after detaining them in Tamu town of Sagaing Region for more than two months.

They were arrested in Khawzimkai village in Burma on 24 March as they were crossing the border via Manipur State in an attempt to go to China through Burma, according to the Khonumthung news.

Sources said that the group, initially comprising 19 including children and led by Lawmzuali, had started their journey on 15 March from Tlangsam village to bring the Christian gospel to the Chinese.

Zonghinglova, husband of Lawmzuali died in detention in Burma.

With the help of the Tamu Mizo Youth Organization and the Tahan Mizo Youth Organization,  officers from the Immigration Department and Police Force took them back to the Indian border town of Zokhawthar on 1 June.#

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