April 13, 2021
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Union minister promises to solve problems facing Chin people

09 February 2015 — Kyaw Hsan, Union minister of Co-operatives, said that he was visiting Chin State to listen to the people and to solve their problems.

In a meeting held at the Hakha Town Hall today, he said: “As they are the government elected by the people, our top priority is placed on the people.”

He also said it was the truth from their hearts that the government wanted to sort out difficult situations facing the public.

The retired Brigadier General made promises that Co-operatives-related assistance including loans would be given by May this year.

A government employee in Hakha said on condition of anonymity that the minister was good at speaking but she wondered if he would be able to keep his promises.

“Other high-ranking officials and ministers like him had come and failed to deliver what they had promised. We just have to wait and see,” added the Chin employee who attended the morning meeting.

He made his trip to Chin State as part of the programme to improve farming and to promote the livelihood of farmers.

After the meeting, he visited a Buddhist pagoda situated on Mount Rung of Hakha before his departure.

The retired Brigadier General arrived in Hakha in the evening on Sunday, and was greeted by Chief Minister Hung Ngai, together with other State ministers, and heads of government departments at the Pyidaungsu Guest House where he stayed.#

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