April 20, 2021
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Chin refugee family evicted from rented room in New Delhi

09 July 2014 – A Chin refugee family of five including four children were evicted from their rented room by the landlady on 1 July and have been since staying at a church building in New Delhi, India.

Their mother Sua Maw Ci, 39, told the Chin Human Rights Organization that they had been forced to move out of their room because of an issue related to a water mortar pump.

“My family and the house owner’s have been using the water pump in turn. Last Monday while I was having a church meeting at night, my children turned on the water pump. When the water tank was full and overflowing, my daughter asked the landlady to turn it off. But she refused,” she added.

“And my daughter asked her again to turn it off, saying ‘We will have to pay more electricity bill.’ As the landlady kept refusing, my daughter stopped the pump. The landlady got so angry and started swearing at her.”

She also said that the landlady, together with her daughter, went to their rented room later at night, and shouted at her children using bad words.

“She even said to them, ‘You all are very bad women. You don’t deserve to stay in our room. Go and stay at a hostel and work as prostitutes,'” the mother added.

At about 10pm at night after she had come home from the meeting, the landlady, together with her daughter and a policeman, went to their room.

“As soon as they entered, the policeman threatened my son if he would like to go to jail. My son started crying in fear of the police. I was trying my best to calm the situation down. However, the police didn’t want to hear anything from me and finally asked the landlady what she wanted him to do. The landlady told him to order us to vacate the room.”

She said that she kept on trying to persuade the landlady to let them stay in their rented room as they didn’t have enough money to rent another place, and that it was too late for them to search for a new room.

But, the landlady told them to leave the room by the next morning.

“In the early morning on 1 July, the landlady came to our room and forced us to leave the room immediately. I didn’t know where to go, and didn’t have any money with me. We were in a helpless condition. Finally, I made a phone call to the president of the Zotung community. He immediately informed his colleagues of our situation, and around 1:00 pm, we were allowed to move to the building rented by the Zotung Christian Fellowship,” she said.

The Chin mother, together with her eldest son, 17, and three daughters aged between 15, 13 and 11, sleep at church temporarily and are currently provided food by community leaders.

On 2 July, she said that she reported their condition to the Socio-Legal Information Centre, Don Bosco Ashalayam, and Women Protection Centre. The mother told CHRO: “They told us that they couldn’t help them as it was not their responsibility.”

This morning, the Indian house owner of the church complained that the building was rented only for holding church services, not for people to stay.

The Chinland Guardian is unable to reach the Indian landlady for comment.#


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