April 14, 2021
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Four women leaders summoned to Matupi Admin Office

04 July 2014 – Four Chin women leaders of peaceful protests held in Rezua against the attempted rape of a local female farmer were summoned to the Matupi Town Administration Office.

Ngun Chin Par, Swe Swe Ci, Kaw Htwe and Tin Tin Yi arrived in Matupi town today after they were informed of the order by the Rezua Police Station, according to the Chinland Post.

The police said that it had been issued by the State-level authorities and that they were to be on trial for organizing demonstrations without official permission.

Ngun Chin Par said that they had applied to the Rezua Sub-township Police Station for permission on 15 June, and to the Matupi Township Police Station on 19 June as suggested, receiving the response that permission could not be granted as the planned protest would take place on the school road, and that they had to make another separate application if they still planned to hold it.

“When we told the Rezua Police Station and Sub-Township Administration Office that it would be too difficult for us to postpone the date as preparation had been all set, they said that they would inform relevant Matupi authorities and that they would let us know. But we didn’t receive any response,” explained Par.

The peaceful demonstration, as planned and organized by the Rezua Women’s Organization, took place in Rezua on 23 June, calling for the perpetrator, a Burma Army soldier, to be brought to justice.

She said: “What we want is an immediate end to violence against women and for the government to ensure protection and security for women in accordance with the laws.”

On 25 June, the four Rezua leaders, and two women leaders and two youth leaders in Matupi were summoned to police stations and interrogated in Rezua and Matupi, respectively.

A group of women leaders as well as Christian pastors last Saturday met Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of the Chin State government, and ministers during their trip to Matupi town.

Hung Ngai complained that such protests should not be held or encouraged to be held because of an issue related to one person only, according to Pu Van Cin MP, from Matupi Township, as quoted by the Hakha Post.#

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