April 13, 2021
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State cabinet decide to let Hakha cross remain

30 January 2015 — A cabinet meeting of the Chin State government today came to a conclusion that the Christian cross would not be removed.

However, the meeting agreed on the need to apply for official permission for the cross and three acres of its surrounding area on Calvary Mountain in Hakha.

Van Thawng, State minister of Agriculture and Livestock Breeding, was quoted by the Hakha Post as saying that the application had to be submitted in the name of the Hakha Christian Ministers’ Fellowship.

J.P Biak Tin Sang made a donation of his properties involving the 54-foot cross to the HCMF on Wednesday, handing over the land-ownership.

But the cabinet’s decision suggested that the new application to be made by the HCMF would be handled separately.

Ram Mang, State minister of Planning and Economics, said that what the HCMF would apply for was not accepted as a donation by J.P Biak Tin Sang, adding: “Three acres of land including the location of the cross will be granted to the Christian group.”

The meeting also decided that three acres of land would be granted for construction of a Buddhist pagoda on the same mountain range where the Christian cross is planted.#

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