April 13, 2021

Over 100 Burmese refugees protest against murder of Kachin teachers

31 January 2015 — Refugees from Burma stranded in New Delhi took to the street, calling on international leaders to bring justice for two Kachin schoolteachers who were brutally raped and killed by Burma army soldiers.

More than 100 refugees participated in the peaceful protest in Jantar Mantar on 30 January, also urging the government of Burma to conduct an official investigation into the killing of Maran Lu Ra and Tang Bau Hkawn Nan Tsin.

Pu Ngun Kio, a representative of the Chin Refugee Committee said: “This is one of the reasons why we, ethnic nationalities, do not trust the Burmese government anymore. Raping and killing is one of their ‘genocidal action’ missions against ethnic peoples.”

He added: “The loss of two Kachin schoolteachers is a loss not just for the Kachin but for all ethnic peoples as well as the country. The Burmese government must reveal the truth about this case as soon as possible.”

Leaders of the Kachin, Chin and Burmese refugee communities spoke on the occasion, blaming Thein Sein’s government and Burma army for hiding the truth about the incident and for taking too long to carry out an investigation.

A Kachin refugee leader said: “The government has been attacking Kachin State and trying to eliminate our generation by using many weapons. Using rape and sexual violence against ethnic women is also one of their weapons to attack us. Therefore, we urge all the international leaders to get involved in this case and bring justice for the loss of our beloved sisters.”

The rally was jointly organized from 11am to 1pm by Kachin refugee Committee, Burmese refugee Community and Chin refugee community.

The two schoolteachers were raped and murdered in northern Shan State on 20 January this year.#

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