April 20, 2021
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‘Hakha cross’ protest postponed until meeting with CM

01 February 2015 — The planned protests against the order to remove the Hakha Christian cross have been put off again as the Hakha Christian Ministers’ Fellowship is meeting with Chief Minister Hung Ngai.

The event organising leaders said that they had not cancelled their demonstration programmes and that they would have to act depending on the outcomes of the meeting.

Organiser Salai Van Chan Ceu said in the Hakha Post: “In an official document given to the HCMF following the cabinet meeting, the chief minister didn’t reverse his order to remove the cross. So, our protest plans are still on the cards.”

He also said that HCMF leaders had asked them [organisers] to wait until they met with the chief minister.

Upon receiving the official letter from the State government, the HCMF called an urgent meeting yesterday.

Their decisions include meeting with the chief minister and organising a public meeting to discuss making a concerted effort to raise concerns about the religious issue should their demands are not met.

During a public gathering last Thursday, Hung Ngai did not answer a question raised by Ceu pertaining to issuing an official letter overturning his order.

Last Thursday, a group of 40 Chin youths staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the Rangoon City Hall, demanding the Chin State government to allow the cross to remain on its current location.#

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