April 14, 2021
Chin News

Over 600 Christians pray for Hakha cross protection

26 January 2015 – More than 600 people gathered on Calvary Mountain in Hakha yesterday, praying for a Christian cross to be allowed to remain on its current site.

Christians of different denominations from Hakha and Thantlang came together to the afternoon service following the order given by Chief Minister Hung Ngai to move the cross by 30 January 2015.

The letter said that the 54-ft high cross had to be removed from its location on the hilltop and that action would be taken if instructions were not followed.

Pu Tial Cem, a local in charge of Calvary Mountain, said: “People are deeply concerned about the issue and pray in earnest for the cross preservation. They clearly understand that it is a serious matter related to our religion – Christianity.”

He said that Chin Christians living abroad also held special prayer services in their respective countries on the same day.

A group of women said that they would fast and pray on the mountain until 29 January.#

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