April 14, 2021
Chin News

Thein Sein likely to inaugurate Hakha power station, operation theatre

25 January 2015 — President Thein Sein is expected to officially open a new power station and an operation theatre of the Hakha General Hospital on Chin National Day in Hakha.

The president and Union ministers are likely to make a trip to the capital of Chin State in February this year, according to government sources.

Myint Shwe, of the Hakha Township Electric Department, said in The Chinland Post that the power station had to be completed before the 20th of February, adding: “Ongoing work will affect electricity, causing power cut for a few hours in the afternoon.”

Pu Siang Mang, from Hakha, indicated that Thein Sein and Union ministers were to be invited to attend the 67th Chin National Day celebration and that they would open the new construction at their convenience.

Electricity in Hakha is provided from the national grid through Kyaw power station via Gangaw.#

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